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STORME - Tea Blueberry-Rosemary Organic, 100 gr

Green Tea
Item number: 001096


Packets of 100 gr, loose



Ingredients : green tea China Sencha*, lemongrass*, rosemay* (5 %), natural aroma (blueberry), wild blueberry* (2 %), mauve*, lime essential oil*.
*Ingredients issued from the organical farming.

Preparing :

  • Dosing : 12-15 g/L
  • Brewing time : 2-3 min
  • Water temperature : 70-80 °C

Certifié BE-BIO-01

Green tea China Sencha leaves, fresh and herbaceous, mingle to the aromatic rosemary for a strong and vegetal cup. Softened by the pastoral blueberry, it takes acidulated tones full of gourmandise, cleverly reinforced by the lemongrass and the lime essential oil.


Drink for the pleasure, this tea is also a detox, ideal to put the body in the green. The rosemary helps to protect the liver and contributes to a good digestive and immune health.