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JAVA - Coffee Peru-Bio Organic, 1 kg bean

Item number: 001059


Packets of 1 kg






Intensity : 6/10

100% Arabica

Origin : North of Peru

Certified Organic

The first organic coffee JAVA



Coffee Oro Verde is a cooperative grouping little local farmers. It is situated in the high mountains of North Peru. That community is looking for improving their level of life while preserving the environment. That mild coffee Peru has the label of the organic european farming.



The european organic label indicates that the production meets with the strict rules of the organic farming, the transformation and the sale. The criteria of that label are fixed by the european laws and are handled par the EC. The organic farming prohibits the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

That coffee Peru is cultivated with a minimum impacts on the water and the ground quality, thanks to the management of the residual waters. The coffee pulp is composted and thus returns to the farming.


Organic coffee gourmet