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JAVA - Coffee Brazil Santos Sunrise, 250 gr

Item number: 001058


Packets of 250 gr


Available grindings

  • Bean
  • Ground



100% Arabica, 100 % Origin

Origin : Brasil

Certified Rainforest Alliance

Enjoy that coffee and its nut notes.



The Santos Sunrise is a coffee origin JAVA that comes from Cerrado in Brasil. There, the coffee trees grow at an altitude of 900 meters. On a rich, volcanic and clay ground, they are planted in rows, nearly endless, like in a vineyard.

That coffee has the label Rainforest Alliance.



As the berries are riped, they are recolted with a machine and are dried under the sun, what gives them that final touch so particular of the Santos Sunrise, with nut and even biscuit notes.


Mild flavour