Thse essential oils diffuser necklaces allow you to wear your favourite essential oils wherever you go, and still benefit from the health they provide. Each medallion contains a tampon, which xontains some oil drops that slowly spread out through the ventilation openings located at the front. The smell of the oil can still keep going for some days, but you can add more oil to the tampon after the complete diffusion of the oil.


The medallions have either 25 mm, or 30 mm of diameter and 5 mm of thickness. they are made in stainless steel to prevent oils from tarnishing or degrading metal as time is passing by. each necklace is delivered with 10 tampons of assorted colours.

The medallions can be opened through a small slot on the right that is maintained by a strong magnetic lock.

Aromatherapy diffuser necklace

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    • Infinite love (25 mm)
    • Treble key (25 mm)
    • Turtle (25 mm)
    • Diamond heart (30 mm)
    • Fatma chakra (30 mm)
    • Leaf (30 mm)
    • Flower of life (30 mm)
    • Fatma's hand (30 mm)
    • OM Chakra (30 mm)

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